Client Recycling Success Stories

For the nation's leading retailer: Closer to a "zero waste" goal and a hefty addition to their bottom line.

Attaining the goal of generating "zero waste" for a retailer with 6,900 stores and 1.9 million employees worldwide is an enormous undertaking. Recycle Solutions is proud to be a part of this company's efforts to substantially affect the environment while maintaining their cost-conscious business model.

We were called upon to help this client recycle the maximum amount of their waste stream with a minimal physical footprint and no additional labor or capital expenses. We focused on delivering a regional waste management solution for 121 major retail outlets in a 300-mile radius. To accommodate their goals, we devised a unique collection process for their paperback books, magazine, prescription bottles, paper, stretch wrap, soda bottles, aluminum cans, and cardboard that require little space or investment. Prior to our solution only the cardboard had been recycled.

How Recycle Solutions Improved their Bottom Line

This successful process has enabled them to meet their goals for this region and increase their profitability by approximately $60k- $120k per year.

For a global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider that offers services in more than 30 countries: Meeting global environmental goals one service center at a time.

Recycle Solutions provides a comprehensive solution which enables their Memphis, TN facility to divert 95% of its waste from local landfills. We work with their staff to institute processes to recycle their scrap metal, sales literature, cardboard, polyethylene foam, and LDPE film. We were also able to assist them in optimizing their in-house baling operation to further improve the logistics of their facility-wide recycling efforts.

How Recycle Solutions Improved their Bottom Line

By implementing our programs, the facility reduces its environmental impact, contributes to their corporate sustainability goals, and generates an additional $24k per year in profitability.

For a global food processing manufacturer: Tapping a new revenue stream while helping the environment.

This client is dedicated to using the latest science and innovation to increase the availability of health-promoting food ingredients. With 3,500 employees and more than $1 billion dollars in annual sales, they also acknowledge the importance of contributing to the environmental health of the communities where they operate. By handling all of the logistics of their waste stream locally, including the collection, transport, sorting, and recycling, we have enabled them to divert more than 97% of their food waste, cardboard, plastic, and paper products from landfills. We also provide on-site service for all of their in-house recycling equipment.

How Recycle Solutions Improved their Bottom Line

By implementing our program they eliminated their $700k per year expense of landfilling 350-400 tons of waste and now save more than $600k per year by reducing their landfill contribution by 300 tons.

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