Reliable, Secure Product Destruction Is Necessary for Maximum Brand Protection

There are few greater threats to the long-term success of your company than having defective products get accidentally leaked into the market or supply chain, or disposed of in an unethical way. Even one incident of a consumer being harmed, negative press, or substandard products being sold, can cost you millions of dollars and years of goodwill. You have to know that the company you select to destroy your items gets it right ?every time.

Recycle Solutions Is Your Source For Trusted, Cost-Effective, and Responsible Destruction

Your company can receive superior destruction services to protect your stakeholders, save money, and reduce environmental impact via:

  • The convenience and cost-savings of working with a single provider for a comprehensive suite of services.
  • Assurance that your material is handled correctly?every time. Since our beginning in 2002, we have helped hundreds of satisfied clients improve their sustainability and social responsibility efforts.
  • Confidence that your brand is protected with services from an owner-managed operation with a demonstrable history of client satisfaction. We work with Fortune 500 companies, financial firms, legal entities, distributors, manufacturers, and medical facilities who have to know that their brand, information, and assets are 100% protected each and every time they discard material.

Your firm can get on-demand destruction of items such as:

Documents and Records - Medical facilities, private firms, and other companies call on Recycle Solutions for quick response to their document shredding and destruction requirements.

End-of-life and Defective Products - Manufacturers utilize us to quickly and securely destroy merchandise that needs to be removed from their distribution channel. We ensure fast turn-around and strict accounting so security breaches are avoided thereby protecting our clients' quality control standards and liability. You can monitor your items being destroyed and we can provide photos and video of the destruction process. Our new, heavy duty destruction equipment can efficiently destroy items such as:

  • Defective or End-of-life Shoes, Apparel, Accessories
  • Binders and Books
  • Damaged Furniture
  • Recalled Toys and Infant Items Damaged
  • Expired, or Recalled Food and Toiletries
  • Unused Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Items from Legal Proceedings - Government entities call on Recycle Solutions to quickly, securely, and efficiently destroy items collected during the course of their investigations.

Rapid Response, Accountability, and Strict Standards Help Ensure Your Brand, Patent, And Copyright Protection

Choosing Recycle Solutions for your secure destruction needs provides you with assurance of:

  • Security: Our fully insured facilities have 24/7 video surveillance with online viewing capabilities.
  • Flexibility: We can provide collection containers at your facility or provided scheduled and on-demand pick-ups.
  • Assurance: Our on-site quality management measures limit risk and ensure consistency for all your lots.
  • Rapid Response: Our large fleet of vehicles means you can usually have a truck at your facility within 24 hours.
  • Full Compliance: Our state-of-the-art, new destruction equipment means that your items are destroyed quickly. Less time between delivery and destruction ensures full compliance with your requirements.
  • Documentation: Certificates of destruction are available with all projects.

Learn why Recycle Solutions offers your company a superior destruction solution- with maximum brand protection and minimum waste.