Client Success Stories

For A Fortune 500 Company: $300K Annual Savings And Reduced Emissions

A Fortune 500 company based in the Midsouth contacted us about recycling their packing waste. After performing a thorough audit of their waste management systems, we learned that they were incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in freight and incineration fees for their defective and end-of- life products. Even though the material was non-hazardous, they were having to destroy it in the same manner used for their hazardous waste. We developed a solution that enabled them to save approximately $300K per year by having us destroy their end-of-life items locally and reduce their corporate environmental impact.

For A Powerful and Popular Global Brand: Zero Waste And A Significant Addition To The Bottom-Line

A Memphis, TN based packaging firm had over 746,000 pounds (17 truckloads) of out-of-date food that needed to be destroyed. Their client is one of the largest brands in the world. Land filling the items would have been:

  • In opposition to their client's "zero-waste" initiative;
  • Risky, as the product could have ended up on a secondary market and greatly tarnished the brand's image, or it could have potentially harmed a consumer;
  • Expensive - the client would have to incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in landfill fees.

Recycle Solutions was able to provide a solution that met all of the client's objectives, and saved them a significant amount of money. Our recycling process enabled us to provide a complete process - from picking up their materials- to putting the recycled raw materials safely back into the manufacturing stream. All of this was accomplished with no materials being land filled. The food waste was recycled into agricultural feed and the packaging was recycled into paper and plastic components suitable for manufacturing. This solution:

  • Kept over 746,000 pounds of waste out of Memphis, TN landfills
  • Protected one of the most popular, powerful, and beloved brands in the world.
  • Generated corporate goodwill via a demonstrated commitment to environmental stewardship.
  • And saved the client significant expense.