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Recycling Packaging Saves Resources, Time, and Money and Gives You A Competitive Edge

Packaging can account for a significant portion of a company's landfill. Imagine if you could improve profits with that waste instead.

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A New Competitive Edge

Offer your clients the value of this service and you will become their trusted partner. By helping them save money, reduce their environmental impact, and operate more efficiently, you are helping them become more competitive. Their sustainability means better long-term profits for you. Adding this service to your suite is simple?you make a call to us, offer the service seamlessly to your clients, and reap the benefits.

Sustainable Systems

Recycling packaging waste can get a company closer to a zero-landfill operation. Saving natural resources is good for stakeholders, a company's reputation, and its bottom line. Eliminating reliance on fluctuating commodities costs also helps stabilize expenditures. Our Easy Online Ordering saves you and your clients time, money, and delays!

Stable Supply and Costs

Recycling packaging material helps remove uncertainty in the supply chain. More stable inventories of packaging means you have less potential downtime and premium costs. Recycle Solutions can provide you a turn-key program to retrieve your packaging waste from your clients, safely and efficiently recycle it, and return high-quality material back to your facilities.


With our Rapid Pick-up & Delivery Service, you can have material retrieved, and get reused material delivered, quickly from our strategic US processing centers. With our Easy Online Ordering your staff can schedule pick-ups and order reused product from your own customized catalog with real-time inventory.

Recycling Products

  • Wood Core Plugs
  • End Boards
  • H and U Channels
  • Pallets
  • Trays and Cases
  • Plastic Sleeve Plugs

Our Clients

  • Paper and Pulp Companies
  • Consumer Goods Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Packaging Services and Converters
  • Electronics and Machinery plants
  • Distribution

Have a custom project?

Working closely with several industry leaders enables us to develop programs that leverage our infrastructure for optimal recycling. We can develop a recycling plan that accommodates your materials and schedule.