Our Secure Destruction Process

Memphis shredding company process

By using our services for destruction of your confidential and non-salable items, you not only receive the assurance that your company will be protected, you also gain the ability to tout your progress in improved sustainability. Our process reduces waste and emissions and results in the recovery of more material to be placed back in the manufacturing stream.

Our competitors' process requires that your entire product and package be incinerated. This requires energy, creates emissions, and makes a significant environmental impact. No materials are safely put back into the manufacturing stream to help conserve resources.

The Recycle Solutions process enables complete and secure destruction of your products and the recovery of all recyclable materials. We separate your items from the packaging, securely destroy your critical items, and then break down the plastic and paper packaging to be turned back into fuel.

Our process is superior in that your company is:

  • Reducing its environmental impact
  • Meeting your goal of secure destruction
  • And obtaining more cost-effective services.