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Smarter, Cleaner Business

Recycle Solutions, the largest regional industrial recycler, has been helping businesses of all sizes save money and reduces their environmental impact since 2001. Read more.

Waste Stream Innovation

We are able to help you recycle and reuse all the elements in your waste stream. This means more value for all of your stakeholders. Read more.

Customer Service

We've maintained clients with our 24/7 responsiveness, owner-operator accountability, and comprehensive services. Read more.

What We Do

Industries We Help

Recycle Solutions works with global brands and local companies and can scale our services to meet your needs. We have in-depth experience with clients in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Consumer Goods and Retail
  • Healthcare, Finance,and Legal Services
  • Schools and Municipalities
  • Government Agencies

A Holistic Approach

Unlike other recycling companies, we look at your entire waste stream to find areas that can either be monetized, or be recycled to save you money. We excel and finding ways to cost-effectively recycle more of what you dispose of so that you have a smaller environmental impact and conserve corporate and natural resources.

The Infrastructure to Serve

Your company has access to our strategically located recycling centers, large transportation fleet, state-of-the-art recycling equipment, experienced personnel, and our information technology...all of which means you conserve more of your resources; people; material; and capital.

Applying Innovation

Because of our longevity in the recycling industry, we have the unique ability to find ways to help you solve your most vexing waste management problems. We find ways to recycle things that other vendors would landfill, and we find ways to help you put more of your waste back in your, or the industry's, supply chain. That's our goal for our cients; zero waste.

Waste Stream Optimization in Action

A Fortune 500 company based in the Midsouth contacted us about recycling their packing waste. After performing a thorough audit of their waste management systems, we learned that they were incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in freight and incineration fees for their defective and end-of- life products. Even though the material was non-hazardous, they were having to destroy it in the same manner used for their hazardous waste. We developed a solution that enabled them to save approximately $300K per year by having us destroy their end-of-life items locally and reduce their corporate environmental impact.